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Fun Days ~ Field Days for Schools

S c h o o l   F u n   D a y s !

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We bring the equipoment, set it all up and get you ready for the fun!

2017 Fun Day Themes / Options


“Big Fun” Fun Day ~ Collection of our Giant Games!
Sports Fun Day ~ Sports Carnival Games, Bowling, Mini Golf and more!
Carnival Fun Day ~ Most popular Fun Day!
Backyard fun ~ Traditional Backyard Games and fun ~ Most economical option!
Game Rentals ~ Kerplunk / Jenga /Bingo / Bowling / Hole in one
Mini Golf Rentals ~ 18 Holes / 9 Holes
Pre K – Kindergarten ~ Just for the younger kids!





 School Fun Days have been a long tradition in elementary and middle schools throughout the years.   Students eagerly look forward to it.   Staff and Parent Organizations spend hours working together to plan for what is best for their school with the consideration of cost, volunteers, staff and students.  It is no easy undertaking!

We can help make your next Fun Day easy on you while being FUN for the kids!

Here is what we do for school Fun Days:

·        We bring all the equipment and do all the set up in the 2-3 hours before the event start time.

·        We set up the event “in stations” that students visit in classroom sized groups on a schedule of 8-12 minutes.

·        We staff the event with an event coordinator that will work with YOUR parent volunteers or staff to train them on the activities.  We supervise the event, while your volunteers/ staff run the games.

·        We will greet your participants as they enter the event. We will review the event with both students and staff and direct them throughout the event and rotate them on a schedule.

·        Fun Days 2017 ~ We have four “Themed” Fun Days to Choose From:  Activities within each theme are a mix of low, medium and high energy games that are played either as a class, in smaller sized groups of 4-5, pairs or individually and are a mix of competitive and cooperative games to provide a diversity from game to game or activity to activity.  We will typically provide 8-12 of the activities within the Theme.  Duration, ages of your participants and any requests by you will determine the final choices.

·        We will help you plan your event based on how the activities will be supervised and played.  Activities are BEST if you have enthusiastic parent volunteers to run them for the kids.  However, if you do not have parent volunteers or only a limited number of parent volunteers, we can design your Fun Day with “self serve” games and activities for your classroom teachers to do with their students.

o   (preferred method) Each Volunteer is assigned to ONE station and runs the same activity for the duration of the event.

o   (2nd choice)Each Volunteer is assigned to a classroom and TRAVELS with the class from station to station

o   (3rd Choice )  Classroom Staff will run the activity at each station for their student.

·        We will provide you with a schedule template for you to complete and distribute to your staff as necessary BEFORE the event that will detail the basics about your particular event.

·        By Request, we can do a Recess Style Fun Day ~ This is a fun day in which students have free choice of activities and can move from activity to activity freely.   This event style is not our first choice, however, if you feel it is your best choice, we can accommodate it for you.  (In general, this format is the most likely to lead to behavior and social issues as there is less supervision and less involvement from teachers/staffing.)

·        We do all the cleanup and break down of our equipment.  This typically takes 1 ½ to 2 hours AFTER the event. 

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