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The Carnival Party offers PRESCHOOL versions of most of our parties. These options are typically SHORTER in DURATION (1-1.5 hours) with activities geared for their abilities and interests. We will facilitate the activities, as guests follow along. Some preschoolers are very capable of following along independently, while others will need some parent help in following directions.  We take careful time in planning and running each individual event and adjust accordingly as best suits individual parties.


Typical Preschool Format


15-30 minutes ~ We start the party with Tattoos or Face Painting. This allows guests to arrive and just sort of “check things out”. Guests get to meet us individually as we put on their tattoo or face paint. This is a great icebreaker between us and the kids.


15 minutes ~ Once everyone seems to be there we ease into a group craft. This brings everyone together and gives us the ability to introduce the event to the group. We take a group picture and then we do the intended THEMED games for the party.


30-45 minutes – Group / Themed Activities specific to the Party.

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