The Carnival Party - for your next children birthday party or other event!
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 The Carnival Party can make your next “Camp Fun Day” .... fun, easy and  organized with our Carnival, Mini Golf and Giant Game Events.    We come to your location, provide for the activities and games, bring the music and then facilitate the event and keep it on schedule.  We do all of our set up and break down.  We review the rules with the Campers and Camp staff as they enter the event.  We organize the event as your camp staff supervises your campers as they individually play our games.  


  • Very Affordable!   Your location.  No transportation costs!

  • Very Structured!  Camp Fun Day events are very organized.  Campers travel through activities on a schedule with their camp counselor by their side. 

  • Very Easy!  We bring all of the equipment.  We do all the set up.  We do the entire breakdown.  We provide the music.  We provide all instruction and direction for your campers and staff. 




Many Themes To Choose From!

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The Carnival Party - we bring the party to you!