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Pricing and Availability

Here is some GENERAL PRICING to give you an idea of what it costs for us to host an event:

  • Birthday Parties $195-$695 
  • School Fun Days $495-$995
  • Family Events for Schools, Country Clubs, Organizations, etc $395-$795
  • Camp and After school Events $295-$595 
  • Mini Golf Events $395-$995 
  • Rentals with Attendants for College Events / Corporate Events etc  $350-$695

All event pricing and availability are quoted on an individual basis and based on the following information:

*  Location (Town, State )  Why?  This will allow us to plan for length of day and cost of fuel to get to your location, do your event and return to our location.  We are based out of Westerly, RI.  The cost of fuel and length of day varies tremendously. 

*  Type of Event (Pricing varies from event to event - Smaller set ups / Shorter events are cheaper, Larger set ups, Longer  Events and More attendees are more expensive)        

*  Expected Number of Guests Attending:  We staff your event based on how many guests and their ages. 

*  Day of the week & Month of the Event you wish to host.  Mid Week in the winter in our off season is cheaper, Weekends in May to Halloween are more expensive. 

 Please be certain to include this information when contacting us if you are requesting pricing information.

Thanks so much!

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