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about our services in general......


How much do events cost?

In general our events range $150-$950.  However, each client's event is calculated individually based labor hours ( how long of a day it is from our location, to theirs and back), cost of fuel and tolls for travel, and how much staff we will need to do your event.   We are unable to give a price if you do not include town, state in your inquiry.

How long does it take to set up?

Each event requires a set up time before the party and break down of the activities when we are done.   Two hour parties are typically a 60-90 minute set up, one hour break down.  One hour parties are 30-60 minute set up and 15-30 minute break down.  This is important information for those who rent facilities for their carnival party and need to plan for their rental time or for those who schedule the party to start before we will start the activities.


How much of a deposit is required?

Depending on type of event , a  $75 - $300 non refundable deposit is required to hold your date.  This amount is deducted from the total cost of the event with the balance due when services are rendered.  It is NOT refundable should you decide to cancel within 30 days of your event. 

Payment forms- We accept credit cards, debit cards, paypal, checks and cash.


Scheduling Information

When we recieve an inquiry about a date or timeslot, we provide information that is current as of the email.  Keep in mind we provide ALL inquires with the same information on availability.  We confirm the date to the FIRST person who requests it via email.      

We book 2-5 events a day, so we start promptly at the scheduled time.  There is not a lot of flexibility for waiting for late arrivals of your guests, so we do suggest to remind guests to be punctual.

Dates and time slots do become very limited as the season progresses.   We highly recommend that you contact us before you set your date, if you have your heart set on one our events.    We take reservations up to ONE YEAR in advance.   

If you are interested in a date, please contact us to confirm and HOLD for you.  Once we have settled on a date and time, we will send you the reservation forms.  We will hold dates for 7 days for clients to return the deposit and reservation.  

Once you request a date, we will send you a reservation form to print, fill out and return to us with your deposit.  We will give you 7 days to do this.  Our belief is that if you are serious about booking, you will take action immediately to secure your date.  This is our only real way to distinguishing between those who SERIOUS vs those who are still shopping around looking for ideas.    If a DEPOSIT is not recieved, we take this as an indication that you are no longer interested in a date, and we remove it from the schedule and offer to new requests or our waiting list.  


What happens if it rains?
The Carnival Party, LLC understands that clients may be concerned with the threat of inclement weather when planning an outdoor event.  We believe it is your party, and will do our best to accommodate what you feel is best for your event and family.

Here are some rain notes:      

Weather proof: All of our equipment is weather proof and is designed and built to endure all types of weather.   

Part of our job:  We are willing to proceed in most weather conditions with the exception of extreme weather (hurricane, tornados, blizzard, thunder etc) that will impact personal safety or our travel from Westerly, RI to your location.

Rain Dates:  Rain dates are not included in the price, but can be added to an event; however, it is costly and increases your party total by 25% to have us hold an extra spot n another day for you.   You would choose this date at the time of booking. 

Re-Scheduling:  We offer the option of rescheduling the event to a later date if weather is predicted to be poor, if you contact us 24 hours PRIOR to your event. Typically, if we need to re-schedule, we are able to reschedule the party in a timeslot within the next 2-4 days on a weekday afternoon or early evening to the best predicted day.   Weekend reschedules typically are more difficult, but we will do our best to make it happen as quickly as possible.   There is no charge for a reschedule. 

Tent Renal Option:

We can supply the party with Tents to cover most of our activities and games so that our portion of the event can go on.  We have 3~ 10x15 Tents and 1~ 10x 10 Tent.    Important to note:   We have tents to cover OUR portion of the party, ONLY.  The tents work great for light to medium rain showers, but they do not have sides on them.    Cost:  $30 TO RESERVE IT and keep it on hold.  If you end up NOT needing them, then no additional cost.  If you end up needing them, it is an additional $60 for us to set them up and break them down.  We only have ONE set of tents but do 2-4 events per day so they are offered first come, first served for each weekend.   

Other Options some clients have taken in the past to deal with inclement weather:   moving the party to an indoor location in their home (garage, sunroom, walkout basement ) others have rented hall (recreation center, churches, VFW)    Modify Set up:  For most of our parties, we can easily move the initial activities ( face painting, spin art, tattoos, sand art, team flag making, etc) and ending group activities indoors.  We also have the ability to “bring equipment” to the kids if we are in tight quarters.   Instead of all the activities being set up and ready to go, we have 2-3 set up to play.  As the kids finish, we swap out the one we have done for another game.     Modify Activities:  We can change the activities of the party to accommodate the indoor space if necessary.   We may not be able to do all of the originally planned activities if space is limited, but we can keep your guests entertained and engaged with other group activities designed for smaller sized spaces.     If the space fits the kids, it can fit us.



Notes on Indoor & Winter Parties:
We do parties all year round and can accommodate most spaces and situations easily for our parties with the right amount of planning.   We have games in all sizes.  We have party options and "structures" for garages, family rooms.  Typically for indoor parties in your home, we do one hour versions of our parties with abbreviated amounts of equipment.  Kids are happy all the same!
For those searching for a party hall or restaurant so that they can do a full party, I will hold dates for clients for 5 days as you search for a venue and make arrangements.  Best way to check in on a date is to send me an email.
Clients should all make all necessary arrangements for the location of their event.  We have done them in a wide variety of spaces and venues:  VFW Halls, Country Clubs, Banquet Rooms, Vacant Store Fronts, Fire Houses, Yacht Clubs, YMCA Party Rooms, Restaurants, etc.   Search the internet for “Banquet Facilities,” in your area.  These come in many price ranges and sizes.
In order to be ready for your guests, we need access to the room/party area BEFORE the beginning of the party to set up our equipment and games.  Please make arrangements with the staff at your rental location for this condition.   This is very important when planning and booking your location.   We typically need at least an HOUR to set up before the party begins. 
We can do parties outside all year round for our winter loving clients!   Typically, we do some of the activities indoors, and then some of the activities outdoors.  Many clients add Hot Chocolate and a small backyard bonfire for atmosphere.  Lots of fun for the outdoorsy families!  

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